OW2 Scarbo 1.2 Release notes

OW2 Scarbo 1.2 has been released on the opening day of the OW2 Conference 2010, on November, the 24th of 2010 in Paris - Scarbo maintainer Open Wide being among official conference sponsors, as are technological partners Petalslink and Bonitasoft.

OW2 Scarbo 1.2 is mostly a maintenance release that gathers improvements garnered in production environments. In addition to bugfixes and code stabilization, it also features improved role to user mapping and enriches its remote WorkflowService query API with a flexible query model. See details at OW2 Scarbo 1.2 Release notes.

OW2 Scarbo is an open, complete, SOA ready, SCA powered, OW2 and Eclipse-based BPM solution. It features a workflow modeler (based on Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling and Eclipse SCA Editor) and a runtime service and workflow engine and console (based on OW2 Frascati and OW2 Bonita 4).

New and Noteworthy :

OW2 Scarbo Modeler 1.2 :

It is nicknamed "The Dead Devil" as a nod to our unlucky Tasmanian friends:

  • Makes available on Roles a new BonitaRole aspect that allows to configure Bonita Performer Assigns and deploy it on Bonita using the updated JWT to Bonita XPDL / .bar transformation. See screenshot:
  • Incidentally, fields of all Aspects (not only of Application aspects) are now available within XSL transformations, and in the output of the Properties transformation, which eases the development of custom runtime behaviour according to information stored in custom Aspects.
Scarbo Modeler allows you to easily defines processes that can consume webservices, execute Groovy scripts, send mails… and the export them as executable XPDL-based processes on Scarbo runtime (Bonita 4 + extensions).

OW2 Scarbo Runtime 1.2 :

Bonita runtime helpers :

  • Added DbRoleMapper, which allows Bonita to look in a database to know which user(s) has a given role in a workflow. In detail, given a roleId, it looks for its members using an sql request that is param'd par the roleId, possibly by the process instance (allowing to map a role to a group or user at instantiation time, like a PerformerAssign), or even by the process definition (allowing to map a role to different groups).
Runtime service call stack (FrascatiServiceProvider) : Bonita implementation of WorkflowService (BonitaWorkflowServiceImpl) :
  • Added the possibility to list tasks according to a JWT WAM ProcessQuery, which provides server-side pagination and filtering on task, task state, task properties, user and process instance. Also provides the expected behaviour for the admin user : return all tasks whatever their user.
  • Returned task lists are now ordered according to task creation date or else uuid, thanks to BonitaTaskComparator
  • Rewritten and refactored parts in BonitaHelper with improved management of authentication, transactions and improved logging