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OW2 Scarbo 1.2 Released, OW2 Conference 2010

Released on the opening day of the OW2 Conference 2010, OW2 Scarbo 1.2 brings improvements garnered in production environments … continue reading


Scarbo - Business Processes for SOA

Scarbo is an open, complete, SOA ready, SCA powered, OW2 and Eclipse-based BPM solution (modeler + engine + console). Try it, or see it in action.

Why Scarbo ?

Scarbo aims to prove, using SCA, that Open Source, BPM and SOA are a match in heaven that solves traditional BPM pitfalls, and brings together orchestration and workflow paradigms. See more about Why Scarbo.

What does it consist in ?

It builts on top of the Eclipse JWT generic workflow tooling suite; Bonita 4 workflow engine and the SCA-implementing OW2 FraSCAti service platform. It is actually the implementation of the "JWT for SOA" vision that uses the Scarbo platform as its runtime, and therefore a good JWT integration showcase as well. See more about its Features or its Architecture.

Who makes it ?

Scarbo is developed and maintained by Open Wide, with contributions from its partners and funding from its clients. It originated in the SCOrWare research project thanks to funding by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche. See more at the full credit list.