You need to get :

  • tooling (Eclipse-based modeler)
  • runtime (bonita4 engine with web console and scarbo extension)
The easiest is to use the standalone, complete Modeler and Runtime.


Standalone, complete modeler

Simply Download the modeler that fits to your architecture, then unzip it, and run it !

Scarbo update site is no more maintained since we now prefer distribute it as an RCP application. However, if you would like to have Scarbo available as a installable unit on Eclipse through update-site, then feel free to ask for it on the forum.


Standalone, complete Bonita with web console and Scarbo

This is the most easiest way to get a complete working Scarbo runtime.

Simply go to the Download area and download the latest bonita-console-4.1-scarbo-x.y.zip. It is a Tomcat http://bonita.ow2.org bonita console with Scarbo runtime integrated.

To run it, simply unzip it, go into the root of the extracted folder, and the type export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djaxws"; bin/bpm.sh start. (The "jaxws" system property should become optional once Frascati 0.6 is released and Scarbo builds on it.

The Bonita console is available at http://localhost:8080/portal , and you can log in it by using the defaults login/passwords admin/bpm and john/bpm .

Alternative - Scarbo runtime without Bonita console

This is interesting to developers who want to embed the Scarbo runtime in their application.

Go into the Download area and download the scarbo-runtime zip. It contains all necessary libs, that you can add in you Bonita classpath, so that Bonita will be able to process Scarbo process.

Alternative - Bonita with Maven

This is interesting to developers who want to develop Bonita or Scarbo extensions in a Maven development environment.

With OW2 repository defined in your pom.xml