OW2 Scarbo Features

Business-level process design

Use the JWT Workflow Editor's Business View to specify your workflow at a high, easy to understand level without having to worry with implementation details.
  • The Workflow Editor's Business View displays only business level concepts.

  • Import business-level BPMN processes, that have been defined in the Eclipse STP BPMN Editor (upcoming)

Technical Workflow Edition

Use the Workflow Editor's intuitive, powerful, Eclipse-based graphical interface to enrich your workflow with required technical information. Notably :
  • a diagram
  • a process model outline
  • a process model preview
  • a property view
  • a tool palette and various actions

  • custom property editors, like a file browser for icons and SCA files
  • a global workflow configuration tab, an extension configuration tab

Technical Workflow Edition - applications

  • WebService Application : easily design web service calls. Available operations and required parameters are automatically introspected from WSDL
  • RMI Application : easily design and configure RMI calls
  • SCA Application : Easily create SCA applications by drag and dropping SCA composites. Automatically introspects SCA composite files and within it WSDL to initialize available operations and required parameters, open the SCA editor by double-clicking on the SCA Application
  • semantically annotate abstract service applications, and resolve them to registered, SCA-defined services (upcoming)
  • script runtime workflow variable manipulation with groovy (upcoming)

Deploy, execute and manage :

Use the Nova Bonita web console to deploy, manage and execute workflow processes and tasks

  • Export from JWT to Bonita 4 deployable process archive (bar) using the JWT2Bonita4 transformation (contains XPDL 1.0 process and files specific to Bonita 4 and Scarbo (like SCA composites)
  • Deploy the exported Bonita process Archive (bar) using the Bonita 4 web console
  • Let your process call Web, RMI and SCA services through the SCA-based OW2 Frascati service platform, which uses the CXF web service engine.
  • Let your SOA applications be notified of workflow events, by implementing the WorkflowEventListenerService (upcoming)
  • Using the SCA WorkflowService, let your SOA applications manage workflow tasks and state
  • Monitor the state of the Bonita workflow engine from Eclipse using the Process execution monitoring JWT WAM plugin, which uses the WorkflowService service (incubation)

JWT Compatibility use cases

Use jointly various other tooling and platforms thanks to compatibility export and import transformations

  • JWT and BPMN: Export to the Eclipse STP BPMN Editor's format. Import also available.
  • Export to generic XPDL 1.0 format using the JWT2XPDL transformation
  • JWT and STP-IM: Export to the Eclipse STP Intermediate Model to develop with compatible SOA tooling
  • JWT and jBoss jBPM: Export to the jPDL format (incubation)

Other JWT use cases

  • EPC : Event Process Chain (EPC) view

JWT Extension toolkit

For a general introduction have a look at http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_Extensions .
  • Extensible property editor, drag and drop, double-click, actions...
  • Customize representation (icons...) of your workflows with JWT GEF Views
  • Customize model of your workflows with JWT EMF Aspects
  • Get your model's custom information at runtime thanks to the JWT2Properties generic transformation