Who makes Scarbo ?

Scarbo is developed and maintained by Open Wide since 2008, with contributions from its partners and funding from its clients. It originated in the SCOrWare research project thanks to funding by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.


Full Credit List

Core Team

  • Marc Dutoo, Open Wide : lead
  • Mickael Istria, Open Wide : core runtime and tooling, release engineer
  • Guillaume Decarnin, Open Wide : Networking and OS2P demonstrators, additional features


  • Djamel Belaid, Hamid Mukhtar, Alain Ozanne, Samir Tata (Institut TELECOM) : semantic trading engine (developed in the ANR-sponsored SCOrWare project)
  • Alain Boulze, Adrian Mos, Guillaume Vaudaux-Ruth (INRIA) : OS2P Forge demonstrator (developed in the ANR-sponsored SCOrWare project)
  • Felix Lombard, Open Wide: OS2P demonstrator
  • Florian Lautenbacher, Christian Saad (University of Augsburg) : Amazon demonstrator, testing

Funders & sponsors